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Terms of Use for ARMA KONTROL Web Page

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to ARMA KONTROL Web page.

Terms of use written below set forth the principle of offering information and services by ARMA KONTROL. Users that visit ARMA KONTROL’ web page or fill out the forms on the web page are deemed to have carefully read, acknowledged and accepted terms and conditions of use.

Terms of Use

1. Unless specified otherwise, title to texts, images, audio and all other data and documents rests with ARMA KONTROL Sist. İth. İhr. ve Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. It is not allowed to copy and use them elsewhere them either in part or in full in the absence of prior written consent from ARMA KONTROL. ARMA KONTROL brand mark and ARMA logo are registered trademarks of ARMA KONTROL.

2. Any and all kinds of data, image, disclosure and news and updates that are offered or otherwise made available and accessible on ARMA KONTROL web page - to be referred to as "data"- are for promotional and information purposes only. Users cannot make claims on the grounds that data made available on the web page are incorrect or that he or she has incurred loss due to data available on the web page. If the user intends to rely on the information available on this web page, he or she acknowledges and agrees that the user is obliged to obtain final and reliable data from ARMA KONTROL Marketing Representative, and that ARMA KONTROL denies responsibility that may not be up-to-date on the web page.

3. These "Terms of Use" shall become effective on the date they are announced and notified by ARMA KONTROL on this web page. For the avoidance of doubt, the users are deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the terms of use by visiting the web page. All product details made available on this web page have been prepared in the light of the most recent information acquired on the date this web page comes into use. ARMA KONTROL reserves the right to alter or otherwise modify any present or future data, forms and contents on this web without prior notice. Real persons and legal entities that enjoy services on this web page or have access to this web page are deemed to have acknowledged and accepted in advance any changes that might made in these terms of use by ARMA KONTROL. ARMA KONTROL denies responsibility for misspelling.

4. ARMA KONTROL has taken all reasonable measures against viruses and malware within the bounds of possibility however the user is obliged to have antivirus software of its own for ultimate security. In this context the user acknowledges and accepts that he or she shall be responsible for errors in his or her software and operating system and any direct or indirect consequences thereof, as well as any tangible and intangible damages and loss arising from personal data captured by unauthorised /malicious third parties when the user uses the web page.

ARMA KONTROL may not be held responsible for any direct or consequential damages arising out of or connected to having access to this web page, visiting the web page or making use of data and programme available on this web page, termination of the agreement, tortious act whatsoever. It is hereby accepted that ARMA KONTROL is held harmless for any liabilities, rights to claim and damages including litigation costs and any other expenses that might be incurred for accessing on this web page or other web pages through links, or for using, visiting, clicking to visit the web page.

5. This policy shall be exercised in compliance with the Turkish laws and without any legal conflicts. If any provisions or terms in this policy are rendered illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it shall be removed from the policy, and validity and legal capacity of the rest of it shall remain unaffected.

6. Your personal data (for instance your name and surname, phone number, address, Turkish ID number, electronic mail address, company name and address, company tax ID number, customer number) shall be processed and stored on a database in accordance with the provisions of the Law Number 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. The policy for protection of personal data is applicable to our web pages only. You are advised to contact editor of the page to get information about the policy of privacy protection when you click on the links and connect to other pages. Data transmitted by your browser to our company are saved for technical reasons. The data include the type and version of the browser, operating system, applicant URL (original web page that you started to visit us), visited web page, Internet protocol (IP) address.

Anonymous data herein shall be saved separately from your personal data sent to our company web page, and shall by no means used for tracking purposes. Your personal data and résumé entered in the Human Resources menu on this web page shall be used for recruiting process to check eligibility for a given position at our company or its affiliates, and shall be kept and stored for this purpose only.

Acting in its capacity of the 'Data Supervisor' as defined in the Law Number 6698, we hereby notify that personal data may be processed, saved, stored, kept and updated and transmitted when necessary. Any transaction /operations to be made or otherwise performed upon personal data by our affiliates, consultants, shareholders or solution partners and any other interesting parties shall be deemed as processing personal data.

Your personal data can be processes for following purposes:

• If and when you use our products and services, to fulfil the transaction and inform you about the order progress,

• To inform you of our new products and services and to offer products and services that suit your needs and requirements,

• To make analysis for improved products and services,

• To provide training and enable improvement for our personnel,

• To issue invoice in return for the products and services used,

• To verify your identity,

• To check credit rating and make credit reporting if needed for your application to our products and services,

• To response your inquiries and complaints for products and services,

• To take all necessary technical and administrative measures for product and service security,

• To provide any necessary details and information with regulatory and supervisory authorities as well as government bodies upon request,

• To measure customer satisfaction and any other similar purposes.