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Flood Barrier

Arma Control Flood Barrier is designed to prevent damage of floods. It also acts as a shield against natural disasters such as landslides and erosion with the mission of environmental protection.
This product can be used at the end of the ramp, old riverbeds, the factories in the narrow streets, buildings sites, public institutions, in organizations, private facility buildings in garages with sloping entrances. Depending on the analysis with on-site measurements, flood, strength of barrier / measure calculations; we can provide our customers for special production. In addition to these issue, the defense wall can be prevent a big major of losses
According to flood barrier prices vary can be due alternative changes to the applied area, models and in terms of options.
The working principle is being hydraulic and pneumatic, it also can operate with 24V(DC)/220V(AC)/380V(AC). It integratedly works with solar energy and all type of Access Control System (GSM, RFID systems, Card Readers, etc.).

Height 500 - 700 - 900 - 1100 - 1300 mm
Width 2 000 - 3 000 - 4 000 - 5 000 - 6 000 mm
Depth 700 – 900 – 1100 – 1300 - 1600 mm
Wall Thickness 8-10-15 mm
Movable Part Sheet Type ST 37-3 N
Moving Part Epoxy Primer Hot
Weight 1100, 1500, 1850, 2250, 3000 kg
Outer Sheets Powder Coated
Connection Ports M8X15 Countersunk Head Bolt
On - Off Time 4 - 6 seconds
Control Board (panal) Arma Board
System Security Support Loop Dedector
Motor power 1,5-2.2-3 KW
Working Type Hydraulic - Pneumatic
Operating Pressure Min. 50 bar / 725 psi
Working Pressure Max. 100 bar /1450 psi
Hydraulic Hose R2 3/8 330 Bar
Hydraulic oil 32/46/68
Operating Temperature Range 24V(DC) - 220/380 V (AC)
Operating Temperature Range -25 °C / +50 °C
Manual Opening Ball Valve
Can be connected to any Access control system GSM, RFID System, Card Readers etc
Manual Lift Hand Pump
In case of power failure Solar Power, Battery Support
Hydraulic System Heating - Cooling
Warning Equipment Flasher / Traffic Light / Rain Sensor
Water Discharge Pump
Control panel PLC (Programmable Logical Controller)
System Security Support Safety Photocell
Product Certificates EAC, CE, Turkish Goods Certificate
Quality Certificates ISO (20000-1:2011, 9001:2015,10002:2018, 14001:2015), OHSAS (18001:2007)