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            Shock and weather resistant Arma Hydraulic Cork Barriers are manufactured from European norm 304 quality stainless pipes with advanced technology. The diameter and height of barriers vary according to the requirements of the area or the desired safety level. Thanks to the electronic feature, the upgrade can be controlled by any type of card reader, remote control, fingerprint biometric readers, automatic license plate recognition system or any access control system, even with a simple control button. In addition to the system; Safety accessories such as magnetic loop detectors, photocells, flashing lights or red / green traffic light can be easily integrated.

The specially designed assassination Anti-Ram Bollard is a specially designed type of barrier designed to prevent suicide bombs and vehicle suicide attacks.


The Anti-Ram Bollard is a safety product designed specifically for all types of vehicle assassination. 80 km per hour. Our cork barrier product is a highly stable solution with its hydraulic operating principle. The dozens of Anti-Ram Bollard we have designed and installed to this day serve as the first day. Anti-Ram Bollard is an advantageous product.

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