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Oil Fields

Around the world, there are over 40,000 oil fields, on land and at sea. In the modern era, proven oil reserves, natural gas pipelines and oil fields are high risk areas terrorists may attempt to sabotage and are often located near geopolitical conflicts.

What are our solutions for unauthorized entrances and exits?

Vehicle attacks are one of the biggest attacks carried out by terrorists, and one of the best and most effective solutions to reduce or eliminate this risk is the use of PAS68 Automatic - Fixed Bollards and PAS68 Road Blocker Systems at entrances and exits. We also recommend the use of products that have successfully passed international crash tests and received test certificates. In addition, our Arma Kontrol WOC software offers you artificial intelligence integrated solutions that can be controlled from a single center.

Arma Kontrol’s expert advisors can suggest security solutions to minimize vehicle attack risks to Oil Fields and present you with the right product according to field needs. However, it must be understood that other security products in the area where the proposed systems will be installed and the set-up of the field itself are just as important as the system.

Please contact us to create a technical specification tailored to your projects.

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