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"Arma Kontrol since 2006"


While establishing Arma Kontrol in 2006;

From the begining goal was to ensure that the whole world recognize of a Turkish company brand in the security sector. When we look at our past, we can see the logo of Arma Kontrol in different projects not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world as well.
Our products, which are researched, designed and developed by our engineers have successfully awarded with international crash test certifications.
In addition to international crash test certifications, our products also obtained to receive TUV Certification with million cycle series barriers which could perform uninterrupted without any malfunction.
In the beginning, we set off the motto as “Global Barrier Brand”. In this path, we are steadily growing by adding new successes on this long way with our R&D investments, professional staff.
We incorporated our technical service activities in 2019 and founded Arma Teknik Company to coordinate service and technical support to projects which we involved. Also In 2019, we have founded Arma WOC Company, which will produce our software
for our products, especially in the field of Access Control Systems and ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C. In 2020, we have founded Arma Park Company, which will operate in the field of smart city security solutions and parking systems. On the way we started with
As Arma Kontrol, we became a group that have reached 4 companies named as Arma Group

Firstly we would like to thank to our employees, social stakeholders and business partners who contributed to our growth.

Koray Kartal
Founder & General Manager

  • Why Arma Kontrol?

    Our area of expertise and activity is safe passages and parking lot control systems. Since we do not deal with other business, our expertise in our field of activity ...


  • Our Quality Policy

    As Arma Kontrol Company, we work in continuous improvement and development efforts by meeting customer expectations at maximum level in line with our mission and vision. In this direction, we establish satisfaction-oriented relations with our customers ...


  • Our Awards

    Turkish Leeder Brand Of Barrier & Security System
    On July 22 Arma Kontrol has been honored award with ''Year's Turkish Leeder Brand Of Barrier & Security System.'' Arma Kontrol has been achieved ...


  • Mission & Vision

    To be a pioneer in our industry with our innovations and quality. Contributing Turkey's economy. To increase the satisfaction of our all social stakeholders who work with us....


  • Environmental Policy

    In line with the experience and esteem since its establishment, our main objective is to maintain our commercial and industrial presence in harmony with the environment. Arma Kontrol and its employees comply with national ...


  • Arma Carreer

    Based on the principle of equal opportunity for all, our main values are respect for individuals, openness to innovation and creative thinking, transparency, perfectionism, reliability, and continuous development of human resources. By always promoting the active participation ...


The Arma Professional Team

Coming together is a start, maintaining this togetherness is progress, and working together is success.
Together, Arma Kontrol’s leaders, managers and employees provide you with the highest quality service.