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Industrial Sites

Industrial zones are areas where many factories and facilities that operate in the same sector or connected sub-sectors are established for industrial development purposes. It is extremely important that the entrances and exits of these areas are controlled and secure.

What are our solutions for industrial zones?

We recommend Swing Barriers to control entrances and exits, and Fixed–Hydraulic Bollards or Hydraulic Road Blockers to prevent the access of unauthorized vehicles and malicious incidents such as theft. Industrial sites have large surface areas with multiple entrances and exits, so we recommend integrating on-off access control systems, such as RFID-LNPR (Electronic Toll Collection-Fast Pass) System and License Plate Recognition Systems from a single center.

Arma Kontrol’s expert advisors can suggest possible security solutions against threats and risks to Industrial Sites, and present you with the right product according to field needs. However, it must be understood that other security products in the area where the proposed systems will be installed and the set-up of the field itself are just as important as the system.

Please contact us to create a technical specification tailored to your projects.

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