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Embassies & Consulates

Embassies and consulates are key, important structures where a country stores its government information that enables it to fulfill its national and international duties, making them possible targets for terrorist and hooligan attacks. These buildings can also become targets because of their location, what they represent, or as iconic structures identified with cities.

What are our security solutions for embassies and consulates?

Terrorist attacks are one of the biggest attacks that can take place in buildings requiring high-level protection. Predicting these attacks and preparing for various scenarios should provide a high level of protection against possible risks. Here, cascaded security systems, such as PAS68 Road Blockers, PAS68 Automatic – Fixed Rising Bollards, and Sliding Door Systems are primarily recommended.

Arma Kontrol’s expert advisors can suggest security solutions against possible Embassy risks and present you with the right product according to the field needs, however, it must be understood that other security products in the area where the proposed systems will be installed and the set-up of the field itself are just as supportive and important as the system.

Please contact us to create a technical specification tailored to your projects.

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