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Smart Cities

What are Smart Cities?

Smart cities can briefly be described as cities that use modern technology to collect and analyze data to make people’s lives better, and to maintain the quality of life.

The importance of automatic barriers in smart cities:

The automatic barrier systems we produce are one of the important supporting factors in smart cities. Our intelligent barrier systems can be integrated with and send data to the software that is essential for smart cities. Arma Kontrol products have many uses in smart city projects today, such as for special parking solutions in pedestrianization projects, or for traffic safety, traffic routing and parking areas. The purpose and design of our projects is to create safe living spaces, to add value to cities, and to improve the quality of life of city dwelling citizens.

Our product-based projects are as follows:

Our basic products include barrier systems that work with RFID-LPNR access at highway entrances and exits, automatic rising bollards that can be controlled from a single center to control traffic flow at certain times, and private parking areas for the disabled in shopping malls and parking lots. We also produce mobile barriers for law enforcement and security officers in smart cities to use at security points at the edges of cities or at strategic points in the centers to increase public security. This system is 100% compatible with smart cities and scores the highest points in energy efficiency as well as providing high-level security. One of its remarkable features is that it is powered by solar energy.

Our idea of a safe life does not consist only of vehicle security or private parking areas. We also produce solutions for natural disasters such as floods, including smart flood barriers that close automatically in case of heavy rain or flooding and send data to the center. In short, all our systems can instantly measure and deliver data on a wide range of topics from energy to location detection.

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