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Public Institutions and Municipalities

Public institutions and municipalities are two of the most important organizations that provide provincial/district services. Smart city applications using today’s technology are designed to collect and analyze data to make people’s lives better in the public spaces belonging to these institutions. Providing safe living spaces is a priority for public institutions and municipalities in our country and around the world.

What are our security solutions for public institutions and municipalities?

Arma Kontrol provides solutions for possible attacks against locations that require high-level protection, as well as many products for smart city projects, such as pedestrianization projects, traffic safety, traffic routing, and special parking solutions. The purpose of our projects and designs is to create safe living spaces, to add value to cities, and to increase the quality of life of our city dwelling-citizens. Our products are designed to have a long operating life in smart cities, they can withstand intensive use, and are internationally certified.

Arma Kontrol’s expert advisors can suggest security solutions against possible risks to Public Institutions and Municipalities and present you with the right product according to field needs. However, it must be understood that other security products in the area where the proposed systems will be installed and the set-up of the field itself are just as important as the system.

Please contact us to create a technical specification tailored to your projects.

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