Arma Career

Our Arma Career Policy

Arma Career Policy is to establish values such as “respect to individuals”, “openness to innovative and creative thinking”, “transparency”, “perfectionism” and ”trustworthiness”  by providing equal opportunities to all personnel. It is ensured that each employee makes a significant contribution to the success of the company within the framework of his / her own work by always encouraging and creating opportunities for the active participation of our employees in management. In this path, we aim to create a dynamic team that is open to development, eager to develop themself, and with this talented team, we always aim to raise our service above the expectations of our business partners.

Our goal is to ourage our personels participation to provide creative thinking, contribute to the development of company activities, gaining many different perspectives from people with different competencies, ages & experiences. With this policy, we intend to make innovation as a part of the existing corporate culture.

Arma Education Policy

We know that our most important resource that needs to be developed in parallel with the continuous development of Arma Kontrol is our employees. 
In this perspective, taking education at the center of development; Arma Kontrol organizes annual training plans created throughout the company by determining the training needs, career planning and training programs necessary for the professional development which will increase knowledge and motivation of our staff and their managers.

Internship Opportunities

Arma Kontrol internship programs aim to guide students who may be our potential employees in the future, by giving them the opportunity to get to know the business environment and our corporate culture.

Job Opportunities

Dear candiates, who will fulfill the competencies of the job and make a difference with their performance in a constantly developing self-renewing structure. If you want to join Arma Kontrol Family who is steadily growing, please reach us by filling out the form below.