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Mobile Control

Buttons, remote controls and RFID-LNPR (Electronic Toll Collection-Fast Passes) are used to control traditional barrier systems, maintaining their function with simple on-off commands. However, with mobile devices becoming more prevalent in our lives, integrating them with barrier systems has become inevitable.

What are our Mobile Control solutions?

We offer you systems that allow you to control your barrier system with your smart phone or tablet and receive information no matter where you are. The Arma Mobile software infrastructure is compatible with Android and iOS and offers reporting functions as well as on-off controls. Various authorities have described this ease of access to the barrier system controls as user-friendly.

The Arma mobile application is easy to install and easy to use. By connecting multiple devices, you can manage all your barrier systems and get reports on a single device.

Please contact us to create a technical specification tailored to your projects.

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