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The automotive sector is considered to be one of the building blocks of the economy in all industrialized countries. The reason for the economic impact of the sector is its close connection to other sectors. Automobiles make up nearly 70% of total global motor vehicle production, and this rate applies to Turkey as well, making it the core of the automotive industry. Arma Kontrol anticipates scenarios for production areas that require high levels of security including incidents of factory site theft and occupational safety, and provides effective solutions.

What are our solutions for the automotive industry?

To prevent theft or entry of unauthorized vehicles, Arma Kontrol provides customers with practical, fast entry and exit security procedures using specially developed new design systems, such as tamper-proof Self-Rising Bollards and Self-Deploying Road Blockers. Also, our Arma Control WOC software offers you artificial intelligence integrated solutions.

The operating principle of Arma’s WOC software is to enable AI-powered barrier systems to detect theft or malicious attacks through intelligent video analysis systems and CCTV images in the control zone in real time, alert the authorized units, and automatically secure the area. To reduce the risks of unauthorized entries, exits and theft, our expert consultants can suggest and provide you with the right products for the given area.

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