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Anti-Theft Solutions

Theft, one of the oldest crimes in history, continues to increase today, becoming impossible to prevent without professional solutions. In addition to the theft of jewelry and valuables from homes and businesses, there has been a significant increase in thefts from factory areas, industrial sites, and private and public areas. For the safety of your workplace and home, the growing urban population and rising crime rates require new solutions.

What are our Anti-Theft solutions?

To prevent theft, Arma Kontrol has designed Self-Contained Rising Bollards and Self-Contained Road Blockers that are impossible for unauthorized persons to tamper with. With its WOC software, Arma Kontrol offers you artificial intelligence and integrated solutions.

The operating principle of Arma WOC is to ensure that AI-powered barrier systems detect incidents in the control zone in real time and automatically provide security. The smart video analysis system instantly detects incidents such as theft, malicious attacks, conflict, or explosions from CCTV images and alerts the authorized unit, automatically securing the area as necessary. To reduce the risks of theft, our expert advisors can provide you with suggestions and offer you the right product according to your needs.

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