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Why Arma Kontrol?

  • Our field of proficiencies are access control systems and parking control systems. We don't work on any other line of works. Because of this reason, our expertise on these industry are perfect.
  • We are manufacturer company. Our products are not contract products or they are not commercial goods. We are manufacturing our products in our factories in Istanbul and Dubai with 90% domestic materials and equipment.
  • Our products design, R&D and production is being complated by us.
  • We are one of the leading companies in Turkey & in the World with our product technologies.
  • Our manufactured products and all system components are subjected to very detailed quality control before they are shipped. If the products are not working properly without problem as we promised, we won’t sent goods to our business partners.
  • We are manufacturing products which is approved by TUV that could work million cycles uninteruptedly without significant  maintenance and malfunctions.
  • Our engineering quality is proved with international PAS68-IWA crash tests.
  • We are manufacturing and providing service to out clients with ISO/CE/EAC/TSE-HYB/TÜV international quality and safety standarts.
  • We have been awarde with the Barrier and Security Systems Brand of the Year in 2019, and the Best Safety Barrier Systems and Eurasia Quality awards in 2020,
  • In year 2022, Arma has reached 73 countries and 6000 clients from the begining date.
  • We provide service on site or service with remote access to our clients who have Arma Kontrol equipments, no matter where in the world.
  • We have technical service offices an official business partners in Turkey and in the World.
  • We provide custom made custom design product solutions to our business partners when it is not possible to comply specifications with standard manufacturing.
  • We provide of 5 years or more warranty to our custom made products
  • We are making production & provide consultancy service for global companies in our sector.
  • All departments in our company has professional team who has ability to develop products or services steadily.
  • We also develop software solutions for our products. ArmaWOC company, which is a member  of Arma Group develops security and safety softwares with their skilled engineers.
  • Arma Kontrol will be glad to support you with professional staff, solution partners and official distributors

You can place reliance and choose Arma Kontrol brand.