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Electric World Magazine Interview

''Young engineers set their sights on the European market''

Arma Kontrol will expand its market share by increasing its R&D investments

Global Barrier Brand Arma Kontrol, which exports to more than 65 countries with the barrier and security systems it produces, announced that it will increase employment by 30 percent in 2022 on the R&D side. Arma Control, which closed last year with a turnover of 35 million TL, allocated 17 percent of it to innovation and R&D studies, and the company determined this rate as 21 percent in 2022.

With the increasing demand for barriers and security measures, the importance of quality and technology is gaining more and more importance. Turkey's barrier brand Arma Kontrol focuses on R&D and innovation and continues to develop security and barrier systems.
Increasing its export revenues significantly with its new products and technologies last year, Arma Kontrol managed to take part in the world's most critical projects. The company, which has set it as its primary goal to make Turkey a production base for security products, continues its R&D investments without slowing down in this context.
Stating that they left behind a very good year in R&D studies last year, Arma Control Founder and General Manager Koray Kartal said, “The year 2021 has been a year in which we achieved our goals in the field of R&D. As a technology producing company, we continue our investments in R&D. This year, we will focus more on our work in the fields of mechanical engineering and software. We will apply data exchange in smart cities to the high-security product group.”
Designs suitable for landscape and architecture
Noting that they focused on mechanical engineering, especially with the architectural concept, Koray Kartal said, “We take part in projects with our special designs according to the demands of our customers. We shape our designs in accordance with customer demands and the place where the product will be located, landscape and architecture. We continue our Dubai Opera House project, which is one of the best examples of this. In 2022, we aim to take part in these and similar overseas projects," he said.
R&D employment will increase
Underlining that they started 2021 with young engineers and that they will continue to 2022 in the same way, Koray Kartal summarized their employment policies as follows: “We will increase our employment rates by 30 percent on the R&D side. We closed last year with a turnover of 35 million TL. We allocated 17 percent of this to innovation and R&D studies. This year, we will increase this rate to 21 percent. We get a great return on these investments. In 2022, as a result of our R&D and innovation studies, we will export our design barriers and their crash-test certified ones. In this sense, we will increase our sales especially to European countries.”

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