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Our Interview with Kobilife Magazine

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Our Interview with Kobilife Magazine

''The first brand in the world certified by TUV Austria''

Arma Kontrol's success in the international arena continues
Turkey's local barrier brand Arma Kontrol became the first company in the world to be certified by TÜV Austria with its Hydraulic Cork and Road Blocker systems produced against all kinds of harsh conditions. The Road Blocker product, which is not affected by infrastructure problems and signal jammers such as jammers, protects the areas against all attacks from the inside and outside, while the Mushroom Barrier product demonstrates a great success in this sense with its long and uninterrupted working time.

Arma Kontrol, which is proud of our country with its achievements in the international arena, easily ensures the security of high-risk areas with the technologies it has developed.

Arma Kontrol's Bollard Barrier Systems with self-contained indoor units draw attention with their impact and climate conditions resistant structure. One of the most important features of the system is that all the unit and electrical components are under the floor. The system, whose R&D and production belongs to Arma Kontrol, draws attention with its superior performance against impact and climatic conditions.

The Road Blocker product, developed by Arma Kontrol for the protection of high-risk areas, draws attention with its ultra-strong structure and 1.5-meter length. Road Blocker, which has an uninterrupted protection feature at all times, eliminates human errors and risks with its artificial intelligence supported technology.

The quality of Bollard Barrier and Road Blocker products, which work flawlessly, was certified by TÜV Austria and achieved a great success.

It is among the first in the world

Stating that they have developed many solutions for every area needed, Arma Kontrol Founder and General Manager Koray Kartal said, “Barrier systems used in critical areas have a very important place in terms of security. Our Bollard Barrier systems have the capacity to work non-stop for a long time. Our Cork Barrier product, which also has the ability to open and close a total of 2 million times, is among the firsts in the world with these features. With these features, it continues on its way with the certificate it received from TÜV Austria.”

Can be custom produced

Barrier systems developed for vehicle entry and exit control of high-risk areas such as holdings, airports, oil fields, prisons, as well as military and security institutions, can be produced according to the desired dimensions and do not require a new electrical infrastructure due to the 220V operating principle. The barrier, which provides a safe passage with its hydraulic principle, can work integrated with mobile application, license plate recognition systems, OGS-HGS, card readers.

Uninterrupted protection with Road Blocker

Stating that Road Blocker products also eliminate human errors, Koray Kartal said, “Our giant road blocker, which is not affected by infrastructure problems and signal jammers, protects areas against all attacks from inside and outside. The blocker, which is covered with Armox ultra-hard steel armor, can even withstand the crashes of 18-ton vehicles at 110 kilometers. Even after 5 million times of opening and closing, it continues to work without any problems. The blocker, which is supported by artificial intelligence and shares status information instantly, provides automatic notification in case of failure via mail, SMS and mobile application. The blocker, which also has an emergency shutdown feature in case of danger, opens in a short time like 2 seconds, taking the areas under uninterrupted protection.”

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