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Parking Barrier

• 3 mt arm carrying capacity

• Works with 24 volt DC current.

• Suitable for intensive use.

• Body color is metallic gray.
Car Parking Ticket Machine

• Activate only when there is a vehicle in front,

• Barcode information received from the system on the ticket,
to write business name, business code, date and time,
• 2000 ticket capacity
• Working online with the computer to which it is connected and transmitting any fault information instantly,
• Stainless, corrosion and outdoor weather, sea water etc. external impact resistant body,
• Card reader for subscribers. • Graphic LCD display for ease of use.

Car Park Fee Collection / Management Center

• Handheld Laser Barcode Readings
• Customer Cost Indicator Input-Output (Optional)

Automation Software

• Flexible tariff definition,
• Fully controlled database access,
• Ability to make changes,
• Make backups,
• Access to the system from anywhere in the parking network with the remote access unit and receive the requested information,
• In the use of the system, people can have different authorization and intervention facilities with their passwords,
• Anti-Pass Back system that prevents multiple vehicles from entering the car park with a subscriber card
• Automatically output plug from the cash register Output Control Module