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Park Routing System

Park Routing System

The Arma Kontrol Park Routing System is designed to prevent drivers from wasting unnecessary time and fuel in the parking lot. This smart park routing system guides drivers from their start point to the closest parking spot using dynamic directional arrows, screens that show the number of empty parking spaces, and parking status lights suspended above each parking space.

Parking Space Status Display Lights:


8192 Vehicle Sensor Monitoring Capacity

RGB Parking Space Status Display Lights

40 KHz ultrasonic vehicle detection sensor

Automatic sensor addressing function

Adjustable sensor height

Low power consumption topology with DC-DC voltage converter

Operating voltage in 8V DC-35V DC range

RS485 interconnection among units

16 bit CRC-Cyclic Redundancy Check algorithm

On the spot error and fault detection and reporting

Instantly updated, LED, color 3-digit number and arrow display

LED and color input Totem displays showing status of all floors

Monitors the status of all floors and regions of the car park via control software

Service access over the Internet

Displays the status of each parking lot in floor plans

LED matrix and RGB number, arrow and totem displays

Offline mode that continues to work without disruption if the computer is disabled

On the spot failure and error detection with self-test function with no need for a computer on each floor

Can display messages on the information screens in the parking lot using TCP/IP Information Screens