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Plate Recognition Parking System

Plate Recognition Parking System

It is a computer-controlled software system designed to track vehicles entering and exiting paid parking lots and maintain preliminary accounting.

Various practices exist for collecting fees, such as collecting fees upfront at the parking entrance or charging based on the duration of stay inside the parking lot. The system can be adapted according to the operational mode of the parking lot.

When a vehicle enters a paid parking lot, its license plate is automatically scanned at the entrance, and the entry time information is recorded in the database. Upon exit, the vehicle's license plate is scanned again, and the duration of stay is automatically calculated to display the fee information on the operator's screen.

For vehicles without license plates or with plates in poor condition that cannot be read accurately, their images are captured using a magnetic vehicle detection device to ensure smooth operation of the system.

Our system can be integrated with various ticket machines and dispensers.

Prices and fees for License Plate Recognition Parking Systems vary depending on the project, area, and requirements.

Sets fees according to vehicle types/time (parametric)

Sends information to an LED dashboard (license plate, date-time, vehicle type, fare, etc.)

Prints customer info receipts

Automatic barrier trigger for subscribed vehicles

Emergency button (Fire, Earthquake, etc.)

Shows parking capacity (occupancy) rate

Black listing (Voice and Visual Alarm Notification to Prohibited Vehicles)

Date, Time-Based Pictures and Detailed Reports

Plate Inquiries (With Different Functions / Joker Characters)

Revenue Reports (Instant- Daily – Monthly – Annual – Operator Based)

Shift and Statistics Reports (Reports Obtainable from Remote)

Word, Excel, PDF Picture Reports

Warranty Perriod: 2 year

Extented Warranty: Available

Manufacturing Deflect: 10 year

Plate Recognition Parking System is compatible with Arma Kart for all Access Control Systems.