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Central Payment Parking System

Central Payment Parking System

This central payment parking system uses thermally printed tickets or cards to collect vehicle information and report it to a central software system.

How to use the system:

In this parking system, drivers entering the parking lot stop in front of a ticket/card machine, activating a loop detector, which scans the vehicle and issues a ticket/card. Vehicles must stop at this point to receive the ticket/card. After receiving the ticket/card, the vehicle passes through the barrier and the barrier closes automatically. The date, time, and a barcode number are printed on the ticket/card. The central payment system is the unit where the person who wishes to leave the parking area will pay before getting into their vehicle. The customer gives the ticket/card to the ticket/card collecting machine. After the machine collects the ticket/card, the exit barrier opens automatically, the vehicle exits, and the barrier closes. A parking subscriber heads directly to the exit without stopping by the central payment system. The Parking System has an anti-Passback feature (no entry without previously exiting with one ticket), which provides a significant advantage.

Central Payment Parking System are variable depending on area, project and necessities.

Fully controlled Firebird SQL software database

End-of-day reporting for all types of software transactions

Periodic database back up

Allows remote access and remote monitoring of all reports and information

Antipassback software for subscribers

Shows customers their fee information and parking duration when the ticket is scanned

Can issue tickets automatically from the cash register

Software has script language support for reporting (vbscript, delphi script).

Works in different languages depending upon the user

Warranty Perriod: 2 year

Extented Warranty: Available

Manufacturing Deflect: 10 year

Central Payment Parking System is compatible with Arma Kart for all Access Control Systems.