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Parking Paid at Exit

Parking Paid at Exit

Arma Kontrol manufactures security barrier systems as well as Parking Automation Systems. With its experienced team, Arma Control utilizes advanced technology to provide automatic billing and ensures profitability from your parking area. Prioritizing customer satisfaction with a quality-oriented approach, the company handles all processes from production to after-sales services in-house. Adaptability to change is crucial in Parking Systems, and Arma Parking Systems offer flexibility in integrating the latest technologies. Additionally, through R&D efforts, the company provides rapid and technological solutions to customers.

The prices and pricing of Exit Pay Parking Systems vary depending on project requirements, area size, and specific demands.

5000-unit Perforated and Roll Tickets

Carton Thermal Ticket (180 gr/m²)

4,3” TFT Screen Control Panel

LED Industrial IP65 Ticket Button

Electrostatic Powder Paint

4 Inputs - 2 Outputs I/O Kart

Industrial Ticketing Mechanism

Standalone Operation, Sending Information Online

Intercom (Optional)

Aesthetic Registered Safe

Warranty Perriod: 2 year

Extented Warranty: Available

Manufacturing Deflect: 10 year

Parking Paid at Exit is compatible with Arma Kart for all Access Control Systems.