Unmanned Paid Parking System

Unmanned Paid Parking System

This unmanned payment point carries out parking transactions using either thermally printed tickets or Mifare cards, collecting payment information and reporting it centrally.

How to use the system:

In this parking system, drivers entering the parking lot stop in front of the ticket/card machine, activating the loop detector, which scans the vehicle and issues a ticket. Vehicles must be at this point to receive the ticket/card. The vehicle then passes through the barrier, which closes automatically. The date, time and a barcode number are written on the ticket/card. The unmanned payment system is the unit where the person who wishes to leave the parking area pays before getting into his vehicle. The customer inserts their ticket/card into the collecting machine. The machine reads the ticket/card to see if the fare has been paid. If so, the exit barrier opens, the vehicle exits, and the barrier closes automatically. If not, subscription parkers head directly to the exit without stopping by this unit (central payment system). 

Unmanned Paid Parking System are variable depending on area, project and necessities.

15" touchscreen

Works with TL, euro, dollar, manat currencies

Thermal printer

Mifare card reader

Mifare card mechanism (for lost tickets)

Money identification unit

Currency exchange unit

Safe box

Safe (locked)

100W heater

Hygrostat for humidity adjustment, thermostat for heat adjustment

2mm galvanized sheet


Operating temperature -20 ~ +70°

Operating voltage 220/240 220VAC 50/60Hz ±10