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Remote Controlled Parking Lock PL-BB

Remote Controlled Parking Lock PL-BB

Arma Kontrol's Remote Controlled Parking Locks prevent your parking spaces from being occupied by vehicles other than yours. This product prevents other drivers from using your parking space.

Drivers can activate or deactivate the Remote Controlled Parking Locks without the need to get off their vehicle. Two remote controls are supplied by Arma for automatic use of the product. Remote Controlled Parking Locks are charged up with electricity. The parking lock battery can sustain 250 to 300 up/down movements. The Parking Locks you have activated in your parking spaces give out warning signs to alien drivers, if they are triggered by the pressure of the vehicle coming over them.

Norminal Voltage: 6V (Battery)

Movement Time: 5 sec

Open Height: 600 mm

Shut Height : 75 mm

Control Distance: 15 m -20 m

Size: 500 x 600 x 75 mm

Weight: 11 kg

Ambient Operating Temperature: -5 °C / +55 °C

Warranty Perriod: 2 year

Manufacturing Deflect: 10 year