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Shopping Malls and Wellness Centers

Shopping malls and wellness centers are busy, crowded areas. Designed to be easily navigated with many entrances and exits, convenient parking spaces for visitors and areas offering goods and services, such places are often primary targets of planned attacks. Therefore, it is important to anticipate risks and eliminate vulnerabilities.

What are our solutions for shopping malls?

We recommend that shopping malls be surrounded by PAS68 – Automatic and Fixed bollards to ensure control. In addition, disabled parking spaces, private parking space reservation (systems), paid parking (systems) and automatic payment points are recommended.

Arma Kontrol’s expert advisors can suggest security solutions against possible risks to Shopping Mall and Wellness Centers and present you with the right product according to field needs. However, it must be understood that other security products in the area where the proposed systems will be installed and the set-up of the field itself are just as important as the system.

Please contact us to create a technical specification tailored to your projects.

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