Underground Flood Barrier

Underground Flood Barrier

Deep Mounted Flood Barriers are designed to prevent areas where installed from floods. It's resistance to flood is stronger than Surface Mounted Flood Barriers. Also, it protects areas against natural disasters such as landslides and erosion with its environmental protection feature. It is commonly used on places such as end of slopes, old stream beds, facilities where is established in front of narrow streets, public institutes and garage doors in sloping places according to analysis. We provide custom design for necessities of areas, resistance calculations and solutions in the light of analysis with on-site measurements. Besides that, it also prevents significant losses by providing safety as defense Wall. It is hydraulicaly driven and it could be used with 24V(DC) / 220V(AC) / 380V(AC) energy. It could be integratedly work with solar energy system and all access control systems such as GSM, RFID System, Card Readers.

Height: 500 - 700 - 900 - 1100 - 1300 mm

Width: 2000 - 3000 - 4000 - 5000 - 6000 mm

Depth: 700 – 900 – 1100 – 1300 - 1600 mm

Wall Thickness: 8-10-15 mm

Moving Part Sheet Type: ST 37-3 N

Moving Part: Epoxy Lining Hot Dipped Galvanized + Electrostatic Powder Paint

Weight: 1100, 1500, 1850, 2250, 3000 kg

Outer Sheets: Galvanized

Connection Ports: M8X15 Countersunk Head Inox Bolt (Stainless)

Open / Close Time: 4 - 6 seconds

Control Panel: Arma Board

System Security Support: Loop Detector

Motor Power: 1.5-2.2-3 KW

Mechanism Type: Hydraulic - Pneumatic

Operating Pressure Min.: 50 bar / 725 psi

Operating Pressure Max.: 100 bar /1450 psi

Hydraulic Hose: R2 3/8 330 Bar

Hydraulic Oil: 32/46/68

Unit Operating Voltage: 24V(DC) - 220/380 V (AC)

Operating Temperature Range: -25 °C / +50 °C

Manual Raising: Ball Valve

Compatible with any type of access control system: GSM, OGS-HGS (Electronic Toll Collection-Fast Pass System), Card Readers, etc.


Manual Raising: Hand Pump

In Case of Power Cut: Solar energy, Battery Support

Hydraulic System Heating – Cooling

Warning Equipment: Flasher / Traffic Light/ Rain Sensor

Water Drain Pump

Control Panel: PLC (Programmable Logical Controller)

System Security Support: Security Photocell

Warranty Perriod: 3 year

Extented Warranty: Available

Manufacturing Deflect: 10 year

Underground Flood Barrier is compatible with Arma Kart for all Access Control Systems.