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Hydraulic Road Blocker RB-HRB

Hydraulic Road Blocker RB-HRB

The Arma Kontrol Hydraulic Road Blocker is the most widely used system in areas where entry and exit should be controlled and safe against all kinds of vehicle attacks, such as military facilities, government buildings, embassies, production facilities, oil refineries, hotels, airports, and stadiums. The system is specifically designed against vehicle impacts, and its components have been reinforced to be effective in all possible attack scenarios. Thanks to its hydraulic operating system, the Arma Road Blocker System works continuously even in the busiest places. This system synchronizes with other security systems such as swing barriers, rising bollards, etc., keeping the defense at the highest level in case of attack, while allowing authorized vehicles to safely enter the area. It can be integrated with all kinds of Access Control Systems such as Plate Recognition Systems, OGS-HGS (Electronic Toll Collection-Fast Pass) Systems, Card Readers, etc.

Height: 500 – 600 - 700 – 800 - 900 - 1000 mm

Width: 2000 - 3000 - 4000 - 5000 - 6000 mm

Wall Thickness: 10 mm

Moving Part Sheet Metal Type: ST 37-3 N / ST 44-3

Cover Plate: Galvanized

Movement Mechanism: Hydraulic

Power Supply: 3ph AC 380V (±10) 50/60 Hz.

Operating Speed: 4 - 6 / 6 - 8 sec

Control Panel: Arma Board [EE51KAR]

Security Feature: Loop Sensor and Dedection Systems

Operating Temperature: -25 °C / +60 °C

Manual Lowered: Ball Valve

Warranty Perriod: 3 year

Extented Warranty: Available

Spare Part Supply Warranty: 10 year

compatible with Arma Kart for all Access Control Systems.