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A Series Mini Road Blocker     RB-MRB

A Series Mini Road Blocker     RB-MRB

Arma A Series Hydraulic Mini Road Blocker has designed and manufactured as an alternative to Hydraulic Rising Bollards. Arma Mini Road Blocker has capability of working uninterruptedly for many years just like Hydraulic Bollards and it is resistant to weather conditions and impacts. It prevents enterance of unauthorised vehicles with its strengthened internal structure.

System couldn’t be distrupted by unauthorised person with control card with password algorithm for the places where security necesities are very high. Hydraulic Bollard System is compatible with any access control systems such as RFID, Card Readers, Tablets, PC, Mobile App and SCADA with it’s special ARMA WOC Software and all system could be controlled from one center.

Usage Conditions: It has resistance of impact of 4 tons of vehicles with 40 km speed. (Certified with Crash Test Simulation)

Please click for Internationally Crash Tested Road Blockers.

Height: 500 mm

Width: 620 mm

Moving Part Sheet Metal Type: ST 37

Movement Mechanism: Hydraulic

Power Supply: 3ph AC 380V (±10) 50/60 Hz.

Operating Speed: 4 - 6 sec

Control Panel: Arma Board [EE51KAR]

Security Feature: Loop Sensor and detection systems

Operating Temperature: -25 °C / +60 °C

Manual Lowered: Ball Valve

Warranty Perriod: 3 year

Extented Warranty: Available

Spare Part Supply Warranty: 10 year

A Seies Mini Road Blocker is compatible with Arma Kart for all Access Control Systems.