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Mobile Road Blocker

Product Description

Mobile Road Blocker is designed to secure areas against all kinds of vehicle attacks. For example; It is suitable for use in many areas such as municipalities, security-military institutions, offices, plazas, indoor and outdoor organizations. It is a portable safety barrier system that can be moved from field to field by pulling by a standard car or similar vehicle with the help of two jacks and four wheels. They can be placed on asphalt roads, driveways, pristine soils or any combination. Excavation and concreting are not required. Installation is done in only minutes and if the vehicles hit at the front of the Mobile Road Blocker even at high speed during the attack, it will damage the vehicle and stop the vehicle. Production is made in accordance with the specified dimensions or colors. Working principle is hydraulic, 380V / 220V (AC) / 24V (DC) can work. It also works with solar energy without the need for electricity. It works integrated with all kinds of Access Control System (GSM, RFID System, Card Readers, etc.).


Height 500 - 700 - 900 mm
Width 2 000 - 3 000 - 4 000 mm
Wall Thickness 10 - 15 - 25 mm
Movable Part Sheet Type Sandblasting Electrostatic Powder Paint
Weight 1500, 1850, 2250 kg
External Construction NPU - DKP Sheet
Hydraulic Hose R2 3 / 8 330 bar
Hydraulic Oil C32
Operating Type Hydraulic
Working Pressure Min. 40 bar / 580 psi
Working Pressure Max. 100 bar / 1450 psi
Engine Power 1,5 - 2.2 - 3 KW
Ports M8X15 Countersunk Head Inox bolt (Stainless)
Control Panel Rig Board
Working Time 4 - 6 sec.
System Safety Support Front and Rear Photocell
Work Safety Photocell Available
ACS Load 30 tons
Unit Operating Voltage 24 V (DC)
Operating Temperature Range -35 ° C / 75 ° C
Can be connected to any type of Access control system GSM, Plate Recognition (RFID), Card Readers and so on.
In case of battery discharge 220 AC Mains output Vehicle Connector output can be connected
Battery Charging Solar Panel Self-charging in all situations
Tire Specification 235 / 65R / 16
Rim Feature 5 Wheel Bolt
Safety Class IP65 - IP67
Manual Lift Hand Pump
EFO (emergency start) 1,5 - 2 sec.
Warning Equipment Flasher / Traffic Light
Product Certificates CE, Turkish Goods Certificate
Quality Certificates ISO (20000-1:2011, 9001:2015,10002:2018, 14001:2015), OHSAS (18001:2007)