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Triple Removable Bollard PL-UD

Triple Removable Bollard PL-UD

Triple Removable Bollards utilizes the same mechanism as the single emerging product group and can be used for different purposes such as closing wide areas and preventing vehicle collisions in places like garbage container areas.

The 20 cm galvanized apparatus, to be mounted onto the ground, can be easily attached and detached with the help of a key. Its covered design prevents the entry of stones or other debris when the pole is removed. Equipped with reflective bands for enhanced visibility during nighttime.

Diameter: 76 mm

Wall Thickness: 3 mm

Height: 700 mm

Weight: 12 kg

Color: Can be painted in desired color with electrostatic powder paint

Cap: Steel

Anchorage: Gallvanized

Warranty Perriod:

Manufacturing Deflect: 10 year