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Environmental Policy

  • In line with the experience and esteem since its establishment, our main objective is to maintain our commercial and industrial presence in harmony with the environment. Arma control and its employees comply with national and international legal regulations, conditions and standards and are determined to voluntarily and consciously establish and implement an environmental management system based on continuous development based on ISO 14001 requirements. In this context;
  • Leaving a healthy and clean environment carefully protected for future generations with the awareness that the resources in the world are not infinite,
  • To provide maximum possible savings in materials, water, fuel, energy and time in order to use the limited natural resources which cannot be renewed effectively and efficiently, and to establish technological and systemic infrastructure for this,
  • Increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and society,
  • Starting from the procurement of raw materials of our products in our company, creating and implementing a recycling action plan that minimizes the environmental impact of the paper, plastic, iron and chemical wastes formed at every point of our activities to the waste stage that can be evaluated,
  • Our investments are carried out in a manner that complies with all environmental regulations and does not adversely affect the environment,
  • It is our permanent goal to continue and implement environmental studies and projects that will continuously improve our environmental performance with the latest information and the participation of all personnel.
  • In line with this goal, we are working with all our strength to become an exemplary organization in the barrier industry with Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems that will minimize the exposure of our employees and stakeholders to environmental, health and occupational safety risks by implementing the best operating procedures of our activities.