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Double-Spiked Automatic Road Traps

Double-Spiked Automatic Road Traps

Like other barrier systems, the Arma Kontrol Double-Spiked Road Trap is used to control entry/exits. Rather than operate manually as standard ground traps do, it works by remote control, button systems, etc. This system does not require infrastructure changes (excavation, earthwork, concreting) and can be installed directly on the ground using steel dowels. The spikes are 80mm-long but can be produced in special sizes to customer demands. For our Automatic Trap Systems, we use epoxy paint or electrostatic powder paint resistant to external factors. The system can work with a manual lever apparatus to get 100% efficiency from the system in case of power cuts. Double-Spiked Road Trap prices vary depending on the width of the area and the desired spike length. They can operate on solar energy and be integrated with all kinds of Access Control Systems GSM, Plate Recognition Systems, OGS-HGS/Electronic Toll Collection-Fast Pass Systems, Card Readers, etc.

Trap Length: 1000 mm - 2000 mm

Trap Blade Height: 80 mm

Trap Width: 700 mm

Trap Blade Thickness: 15 mm

Trap Blade Model: Double

Moving Part Material : ST 44

Drive Movement: Electromechanic Driven

Rising / Falling Time: 1 sec

Operating Temperature: -25ºC +50ºC

Power Supply: 1ph AC 220V (±10)V 50/60 Hz.

Safety Support : Fotocel, Loop Detector

Paint: Polyurethane based wet paint with high UV and corrosion resistance in accordance with ISO 12944

Warranty Perriod: 3 year

Extented Warranty: Available

Manufacturing Deflect: 10 year

Double-Spiked Automatic Road Traps is compatible with Arma Kart for all Access Control Systems.