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What is Bollard?

Product Description

What is Bollard?

Bollard Systems which becames more common in security solutions are used to control entries and exits of vehicles which don’t restricts bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrian passage.

Excavation is carried out in the construction area first to install bollards. After this preparation, bollard sets will be stationed to the excavated area. After scaling the bollards, strong concrete will be poured to excavated area. After this process, magnetic area for loop dedector will be prepared in two sides of bollard system. The system is made operational by commissioning the electrical / electronic connections in HPU Unit. Bollards could integratedly work with control button, remote control, ANRP, RFID etc. systems.

Bollards working princible is;

With first command from user, bollard rises to provide entrance security by preventing vehicle entry and exit. With second comand, bollard goes down to surface level and allows entry and exit for vehicles.

What are the Types of Bollards?

There are six types of bollards. These types are: Hydraulic Bollards, Built-In Bollards, Pneumatic Bollards, Electromechanic Bollards, Manual and Fixed Bollards. It could be manufactured with LED Light and reflector tape to provide visibility at night.

Hydraulic bollards has strong structure and they are easy to use. These type of bollards works with oil pressure. Built-In bollards also works with oil pressure but main difference of this type of bollard is its control unit which don’t needs a control panel near bollard.  Pneumatic Bollards works with air pressure which is provided by a compressor near bollard system. Electromechanic Bollards works with motor reductor system which is connected to gear. Manual Bollard system has 2 different working principle which are mechanical and air pressure. It can be used half mechanical or manually with it’s key. This System is preferred becouse of it’s easy montage and usage posibilities. Fixed Bollards could be installed to ground with flanches or it could be fixed to ground with strong concrete. It is commonly used to secure areas from vehicles entries permanantly.

Bollard Systems could be manufactured with any preferenced color. Also it could be manufactured with AISI 304 & AISI 316 stainless steel which are highly resistant to corrosion.

Why Bollard Systems Are Being Preferred?

Bollard systems are commonly used to secure entries and exits of vehicles for designated perimeters such as military and police facilities, controling enterances of holdings, industrial facilities, oil fields airports and jails. Also it is used to maintain pedestrianisation projects of local goverments and prevent thefts in many areas.

Prices of bollard systems depends on it’s types and purposes of usage. Also bollards are preferred becouse of it’s aesthetic appearance, quality and it’s strong structure.

What are the Quality Certificates of Arm Barrier?

International certificates of Bollard Systems are as follows;

CE (Compliance with European Quality Standards)
LVD (Electrical Safety in Machines)
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) 
IP68/IP67 (Protection Class Test)
PAS68 (British Crash Test Standard)
ASTM (USA Crash Test Standard)
IWA 14 (International Crash Test Standard)