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What is Road Blocker?

What is Road Blocker?

Road Blocker Systems are physical security systems, which prevents entries and exits of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians to designated perimetes with it’s resistable strong structures.

Excavation is carried out in the construction area first to install Road Blocker. After this preparation, Road Blocker will be stationed to the excavated area. After scaling the Road Blocker, strong concrete will be poured to excavated area. After this process, magnetic area for loop dedector will be prepared in two sides of bollard system. The system is made operational by commissioning the electrical / electronic connections in HPU Unit. Bollards could integratedly work with control button, remote control, ANRP, RFID, GSM, etc. systems.

Road Blockers working princible is;

With first command from user (via remote controller, button, etc.), road blocker opens to provide entrance security by preventing entry and exit. With second comand, Road Blocker goes down to surface level and allows entries and exits.

What are the Types of Road Blockers?

There are five types of Road Blocker Systems. These are; High Security Road Blocker (PAS68-K12-IWA14-1), Hydraulic Road Blocker, Telescopic Road Blocker, Mini Road Blocker and Mobile Road Blocker.

High Security Road Blocker Systems are researched and developed for places where requires high level of security. This system is preferred on places such as military bases, goverment facilities, airports, jails, embasies etc. Hydraulic Road Blocker Systems are preferred in places where entries and exits should be controlled in places such as oil rafineries, hotels, airports and stadiums. Telescopic Road Blocker Systems usage area is same as Hydraulic Road Blocker System. But if infrastructure don’t allows us to execute deep excavation, we could use Telescopic Road Blocker Systems which needs shallow foundation to built. Mini Road Blocker Systems usage areas are same as Bollard Systems which could be worked simple or multiple equipments. It’s most preferred usage area is pedestrianization projects. Mobile Road Blocker Systems are portable barrier systems which could be used to protect different areas. Mobile Road Blocker Systems don’t needs constructional operations like excavation, concreting, it could be settled to any flat grould.

Bollard Systems could be manufactured with any preferenced color. Also it’s movable parts is manufactured with ST44 high quality stainless steel which are highly resistant to corrosion.

Why Road Blocker Systems Are Being Preferred?

Road Blocker Systems are commonly used to secure entries and exits of facilities such as military bases, police stations, controling enterances of holdings, industrial facilities, oil fields airports and jails. Also it is used to maintain pedestrianisation projects of local goverments and prevent thefts in many areas.

Prices of road blocker systems depends on it’s types and purposes of usage. Also bollards are preferred becouse of it’s resistance and it’s strong structure.

What are the Quality Certificates of Road Blockers?

International certificates of Road Blockers are as follows;

CE (Compliance with European Quality Standards)

EAC (Compliance with Eurasian Quality Standards)

LVD (Electrical Safety in Machines)

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) 

IP67 (Protection Class Test)

PAS68 (British Crash Test Standard)

ASTM (USA Crash Test Standard)

IWA 14 (International Crash Test Standard