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Arma Kontrol Bollard Systems with Internal Unit is one of the most preferred systems with its impact and climate resistant structure. One of the most important features of this system is that all units and electrical components are integrated into the Bollard System (direct under the ground). According to standard systems, it is closed to the intervention of unauthorized persons.
Arma Kontrol has achieved as one of the few companies in the world by producing 100% domestic Built-in Unit Bollard Systems. Daily operation cycle is 1500 access and exit) more then other bollard systems and also according to IP68 protection standards, bollard system is capable to work in the water.
Self-Unit Built In Unit Bollard Systems to ensure controlled the passages, exits of security institutions safely, pedestrianization projects and to prevent theft; in military, police facilities, companies, prisons and public Gov areas. Arma Control Built-in Bollard Systems prices vary according to the area to be placed, dimensions sizes and colors. The working principle is hydraulic which can operate 220V (AC) / 24V (DC) and to its modular structure, no need field board in the assembled area (unit board).
Design of patented system R&D (research and development) production was made completely by Arma Kontrol engineers. All types of Access Control Systems are integrated (GSM, License Plate Reading Systems, RFID (radio frequency identification) systems, Card Readers etc.).